Astaria Medical

Astaria Medical is a medical startup company creating a urinary catheter add-on device to help prevent the most frequent healthcare associated infection known as a Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI). 

Customer Problem: CAUTIs are one of the largest healthcare challenges. They result from urinary catheter use and are a significant challenge to patients and doctors, representing a major healthcare burden. Between 15-25% of hospitalized patients receive a urinary catheter during their stay, putting them at risk for a CAUTI, which leads to an increased use of antibiotics, increased patient length of stay, and more than 13,000 CAUTI attributable deaths annually. CAUTIs also cost health care systems an additional $400-500 million annually.

Our SolutionAn add-on device that will reduce Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections by continuously killing harmful bacteria using light systems.


Target Market:

  • Indwelling catheter patients
  • Patients living in long-term care
  • Patients living in hospitals
  • Patients living at home

Sales Channels:

  • Group Purchasing Organizations
  • Healthcare Administrators
  • Long-term Care Center Managers
  • Caregivers


Note: Astaria Medical first started under the name “Project Starfish”