Management Team

jessicaCEO: The primary founder and CEO, Jessica Miller, MD/PhD, is an experienced engineer with 7 years of industry experience in implantable medical devices and disposable medical devices. She was technical lead, bringing devices from concept to market and managing a cross-functional team of approximately 20 individuals on a global scale. She has experience in design, technology transfer to manufacturing, and executing FDA regulatory requirements. Her PhD in Biomedical Engineering and her studies of various wavelengths of light directly apply to our product design.

daniel.pngCo-Founder: The secondary founder, Daniel Lane, PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering, has extensive background in optics and polymer design, as well as start-up experience with PhaseRx in Seattle. Daniel helped with the initial development phase of the company and serves as main engineer lead in UV-C light device development and materials biocompatibility.

In an effort to accelerate the development of the product and company, the founders joined Sling Health, a student-run biotechnology incubator at Washington University in St. Louis, which then led to the formation of a more developed and well-rounded team with the addition of  members in various expertise.

Business Operations:


  • Elizabeth Bowman Marketing and Finance Manager (COO & CFO) 
    • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Entrepreneurship, with previous medical device startup experience

Technical Operations:

  • Jay Vasilev Mechanical Design and Prototyping
    • B.S. student in Biomedical Engineering with experience in low-cost urological medical device design for developing countries and 4 years of research in soft-tissue engineering
  • Elliot JaffeElectrical Design
    • B.S. student in Electrical Engineering and Physics with experience in circuit board development and microcontrollers
  • John BisognanoDevice Computer Interface
    • B.S. student in Computer Science and Bioinformatics with experience in full stack web development, cloud computing, and various scripting languages.
  • Jake Ireland – Mechanical Design and prototyping
    • B.S. student in Mechanical Engineering with experience in various 3D printing software, various 3D printing materials and configurations, and virtual mesh manipulation/optimization as well as experience with prototyping devices for hospital environments.

The combined expertise of the team increases our probability of success to develop a product that meets the needs of our customers. We are always developing ways to innovate and improve our design and marketing strategies. Located in the heart of St. Louis, MO, we have access to the vibrant technology landscape fostered by Washington University, St. Louis University, and the growing start-up community.